"Rabbi Yehuda Hanassi said: which is the straight path that a person should take? One which brings beauty and harmony for himself and for others." -  Pirkei Avot 2:1

Rabbi Joshua Shmidman zt"l

"This is to affirm that I have the honour to know Mr. Zalman Leib (Jamie) Shear for many years and I wish to attest that Mr. Shear is a genuinely..." 

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Rabbi Chaim Tabasky 

Instructor of Talmud, Machon HaGavoah l'Torah, Bar Ilan University

"I have known the sofer Jamie Shear, first as a student and later as a colleague and friend for close to twenty years." 


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Daniel Kirwin

Vice President of the United Jewish Congregation of Hong Kong

"I enjoyed many things about my trip but by far the most memorable part of my holiday was my visit to Sofer (“Scribe”) Jamie Shear’s studio and watching him creating the UJC’s new Sefer Torah." 


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Rabbi Stanton Zamek

Rabbi, Spiritual leader of United Jewish Congregation of Hong Kong

"While our Sofer does not leave Hong Kong until tonight, we finished the last writing appointments yesterday evening."


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 Rabbi Yechiel Meir Katz Ha-Cohen Rabbi and Spiritual leader of Tefilla L'Moshe, Montreal, Dayan Beit Din Zedek, Montreal 

"I hereby testify on behalf of Zalman Leib Shear, (Jamie Shear) that I have known him for the past few years for the good as a member of our congregation." 


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Rabbi Barry Gelman

United Orthodox Synagogues of Houston

"I met Jamie Shear when I served as senior Rabbi for Congregation Shaar Hashomayim in Montreal. Mr. Shear is a remarkably talented artist who fuses a passion for innovation with a love of tradition. The beautiful Ketubah he created for our synagogue is a great asset to our community. I remain a strong supporter of Mr. Shear’s artistic and scribal pursuits and I highly recommend others to engage him in creative ventures."

Simon Bensimon 
Executive Director, Eastern Region at Canadian Friends of the Hebrew University

 "I had the pleasure of working with Jamie as Executive Director of Hillel Montreal when we commissioned a Sefer Torah for the Hillel at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem following the terrorist attack in July 2002. He was totally committed to the task and a pleasure to work with. Jaime is a very spiritual person and it shows in his work and his interaction with others."

Asya Berger 

Temple Emanu-El / Lea's Torah Project

"The memory of seeing the completed Torah for the first time, and the moving and meaningful dedication celebrations will be with me and my family forever." 


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Joan Ress Reeves 
Temple Emanu-El / Lea's Torah Project

"What an experience tonight!  I was moved beyond words. It was a privilege to watch Jamie--a beautifully religious and still of-this-world person--perform a craft that is, at the same time, a religious devotion--finish a Torah, something I'd never expected to see." 


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Happy Ketubah Customers

"Jamie, the ketubah arrived and I am blown away!  It is so beautiful.  I may have mentioned that we must have seen 1000s of ketubot before we found your work, but the choice was so simple once we saw it."

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