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Custom Scripture

'And Queen Esther and Mordechai wrote the entirety of the scroll...' - Megillat Esther


The Jewish people have an extraordinarily special relationship with scripture. Dating back to long before the Dead Sea scrolls, scribal works have rooted Jewish identities for centuries and will continue to do the same forevermore. It is a blessing that today, we have the opportunity to partake in this unique part of Jewish heritage.


Together, we can select and create a beautifully decorated piece of Jewish scripture. These works are perfect for Bar/Bat Mitzvahs. They can be as small as a few Perakim from a scriptural book or as large as all five Megillot. Any length of text can be illuminated elaborately, or we can work together to find a creative way to make and decorate your piece in a personal way. It is a wonder to see your ideas come to life on the scriptural parchment.


The scrolls are written on high-quality vellum parchment and filled with letters written in iron gall ink, made with oak gall nuts from the traditional recipe dated at least 2000 years ago. The illumination can be done with acrylic paint, oil paint, or gouache paint, and can be as simple or as elaborate as you would like. A display/traveling case can also be fabricated or decorated to protect your piece and showcase the unique design. Prices vary based on the length of the text and the intricacy of the artwork.

To get started, please fill out the following form and leave comments as specific as possible in order to fulfill your vision as best as I can.

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