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Jewish Art Prints

 "Precious objects and wealth are in the home and righteousness deeds shall stand forever." 

– Psalms 112:3


Jewish Art Prints are the perfect addition to your home! These beautiful pieces feature modern designs and classic themes of Judaism. Give your home a touch of culture with Jewish Art Prints.

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KtavTam Hebrew Art Prints


Making prints of my Judaic artwork is an exciting and pleasing way to get my art out there to more people who may enjoy it and be inspired by it. My original, handmade Hebrew calligraphy and Judaic art is professionally scanned or photographed and sometimes rendered using professional software. I use a Wacom tablet which I may utilize as a paint brush or calligraphy pen.


I use the print technology called "Giclée", which is a French term that literally means, "spray". Giclée printing is todays professional standard of digital inkjet printing used to reproduce fine art. The inks are acid-free, archival and museum quality. My choice paper for printing is an acid-free, 100% cotton based paper with a luxurious velvet feel and subtle texture. The weight, measuring the thickness of the paper is 260 g/m2, which is the perfect balance between attaining that feeling of pride of holding something of substance and value and at the same time, flexible enough to roll, place in a sturdy tube for shipping. The contents of my Judaic art prints vary from Blessings for the Home, Psalms, Hebrew calligraphy from Scripture to themes of Kaballah. All of which are meant to inspire others as they do myself. They make perfect gifts for any occasion and perfect as well for your own framing and hanging on your wall. Most of the artwork in this Jewish Art Print gallery shop may be personalized and If you wish to to custom make your own artwork based on other themes and text, please see the Custom Art section. 

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