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A magical experience for all ages.

Since 1994 I have facilitated hundreds of educational demonstrations, workshops and discussions related to the Hebrew Scribal arts and Hebraic art. These venues include synagogues, schools, homes for the elderly, community centers, summer camps, museums and galleries. Over the years, thousands of people of all ages have received value from these enriching encounters; it surely constitutes an “experience”. 


My approach is to present the foundational practice of the scribal arts which produce the vital and core holy scrolls in the form of discussion and traditional Hebrew writing, thereby serving as a medium of transmission of the rich Jewish Heritage such as the nature of the Oral Tradition.


In December 2019, and again in January 2023, I embarked on a US Scribal Arts tours where I visited schools, community centers and synagogues in New Orleans, South Carolina, Nebraska and New Jersey serving as “Arts Ambassador” emissary to the Israel Ministry of Diaspora Affairs through OTS Amiel BaKehila where I presented the scribal arts and taught how to write Hebrew, Torah script on parchment using a turkey feather or bamboo reed to hundreds of people.


Please reach out to me if you are interested in having me serve as Scribe in Residence in your community or if you are visiting Jerusalem and would like me to facilitate a workshop for any size event. This may be a Bar / Bat Mitzvah or a small family gathering, a taste of hands-on Torah writing and learning from a Torah scribe adds rich Jewish flavor to a bonding experience.


Suggested Topics of Engagement

• Hands-on Scribal Arts Workshop (Learn how to write Hebrew Letters with a turkey feather on parchment) (activity for kids and adults of all ages).

• Tefillin: How are they Made and What do they Mean?

• Judaic Scribal Arts, Hebrew and Kabbalah Art Presentation.

• The Life of a Scribe: My Personal Story.

Sofer Jamie Shear

For more information prior to booking, please contact Jamie Shear at

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