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Ketubah FAQ

“Three things delight the heart of a person: a beautiful home, a good friend and… fine art.”
- Talmud, Brachot 57B




1. How do we begin a Ketubah order?

You may order a Ketubah any time using a credit card via a security protected payment processor. If you prefer to talk, email us at and we can schedule a call. Ordering a Ketubah print can be done through the shop. To order a Custom Ketubah, the first step is to fill out the Custom Ketubah form. If your Ketubah is ordered through the form, we will work with you on the design to create your vision.


2. Upon completing the order, how long will it take to receive the Ketubah?  Is there a rush service?

A Ketubah print normally takes three to five weeks for delivery. A rush service is available for an extra charge of  $100 (shipping included). A proof will be sent prior.


3. Is there a concern about using a credit card on the site’s Internet payment system?

Since a highly secure payment process is used there is no risk of other parties gaining access to your card information.


4. Will our contact information be kept confidential? 

All information including contact information is kept strictly confidential.

5. How do we choose a Ketubah text?

It is best to consult the officiating Rabbi before selecting a text. Since many Rabbis are particular with the language of the text or the spelling of certain words and names, they may not consider certain texts valid. You may see all available texts here.


6. How do we provide the necessary information for the fill-in of the Ketubah text? What if we cannot fill in the Hebrew part?

Once a Ketubah text has been chosen and approved by the officiating Rabbi it is necessary to collect information for the fill-in, which includes the Hebrew names of the bride and groom, the date of the wedding, the time of the wedding (i.e. before or after sundown), etc. The Ketubah Personalization Form can be downloaded here (English), and here (Hebrew). Again, it is advisable to consult with the officiating Rabbi who may prefer a particular spelling for a name or the spelling of the city in which the wedding will take place. If you do not speak Hebrew it is best to have the officiating Rabbi fill out the Ketubah Personalization Form and email it directly to Alternatively, you may fill in the forms in English and we will translate the material into Hebrew and contact the Rabbi to ensure the information is to his or her standard.


7. If two Rabbis are officiating at the wedding, with whom do we discuss the information for the Ketubah fill-in?

If there is more than one officiating Rabbi it is advisable to appoint one responsible for the Ketubah to avoid complications.


8. Can we edit a Ketubah text?

It is possible to modify the available Ketubah texts according to your requests or to those of your Rabbi.


9. Can we provide you with a Ketubah text?

Yes, you or your Rabbi may supply a different Ketubah text. 


10. How is the accuracy of the Ketubah text and its fill-in material ensured?

Proofs of the Ketubah text and the personalization material are forwarded to the officiating Rabbi for confirmation either by e-mail or fax before the Ketubah is shipped to you.


11. We have a design in mind, or like a particular Ketubah on the site but would like to modify it (ex. color); can a Ketubah be customized for us?

Yes, most things within the Ketubah designs (ex. color, design) can be altered for an additional charge.  Let us know what modifications you would like and we will respond with a price quote.  Alternatively, if you have your own design in mind, we would love to work with you to create your own custom made Ketubah. To get started on that process, click here to fill out the customization form. After discussing the type of artwork or design you are interested in, sketches will be sent to you for your approval. Alternatively, you may provide us with sketches.


12. To what extent will the Ketubah we receive resemble the digital image we view on the site?

In many ways the digital image does not do justice to the actual Ketubah; to optimize the images for quick download, image quality is sacrificed. The colors of the Ketubah print are more vibrant. If you like the digital image, chances are you will really like the actual Ketubah. Again, bear in mind that colors cannot be represented more precisely in the digital image and that, as with any digital image, shades may vary from screen to screen. If you are unsure about a color please contact us and we will provide more close ups of the image.


13. An artist friend would like to design the art of our Ketubah, can you write the Ketubah text for our artist?

Yes, you can provide a customized text in Hebrew, English or both languages to incorporate into any of the Ketubah designs. Please be sure the Ketubah text that you plan to use is copyright free. The cost for writing a Ketubah text in one language is $375 (under 500 words) or $570 for 2 languages on paper. If the text is longer than average, a price quote is necessary.


14. We have seen a Ketubah that we like; can you reproduce it?

We can reproduce artwork that you provide to us if there are no copyright issues and depending on our ability to match that style. Alternatively, we can use that design as a base to create your own custom made Ketubah.


15. What kind of pen do we use at the wedding for the signatures of the witnesses?

You may use any black ballpoint pen for the witnesses to sign the Ketubah.


16. How do we care for our Ketubah at the wedding and afterwards?

During the wedding it is recommended to appoint a friend or family member responsible to keep track of the Ketubah while bringing it from place to place and to protect it from nearby schnapps or H'orderves that might be on the table where the Ketubah is laid out for signing.


When you frame your Ketubah, it is recommended that you bring it to a competent framer who cares about art preservation. It is also recommended that acid free mats be used. When selecting a place to hang the Ketubah up, it should not be on a spot in which it will be exposed to direct sunlight for long periods.


17. We are already married but have a plain print; can we replace the Ketubah with a new one? What about the signatures of the witnesses?

A Ketubah may be redone anytime. We can work with a photocopy or fax from the existing Ketubah text and create a new design. The names of the witnesses could also be written in the same font as the Ketubah so that the names are not mistaken for authentic signatures.


18. We are already married but our Ketubah is misplaced; what is the protocol?

If it is lost a new Ketubah should be acquired.


It is our hope and wish that you enjoy viewing your Ketubah all the days ahead and that those days shall be filled with joy.




Jamie Shear

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