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Life Cycle Art

“ that one shall do the mitzvot and live by them..."
- Leviticus 18:5


Bar/Bat Mitzvah

Representing a Jewish child’s transition into adulthood, Bar Mitzvahs and Bat Mitzvahs hold significance for the rest of one’s life. This ceremonial tradition sets a focus both on who we are now and on what we strive to become, as people and as Jews. A piece of Bar/Bat Mitzvah artwork can carry these inspirational values and become a grounding mechanism for future aspiration. Bar/Bat Mitzvah artwork can be a Parasha scroll, name art, Shem Pasuk, Micrography, a decorated quote, or even a custom artwork or print. Each piece of artwork embodies one’s highest values expressed artistically. We can even work together with the Bnei Mitzvah kid to design a customized work of art, where they become an artist themselves.

Shop off the shelf Bar/Bat Mitzvah artwork below, or take a look at the customized gallery.

Customized Gallery

Baby Naming

Names are not just external descriptions or terms of endearment, they are a definition of one’s essence. A person may carry on a legacy with their name or develop qualities based on it. Judaism attaches significance to names so closely that God has many sacred names, the holy city of Jerusalem has 70 names, and the names of our biblical ancestors hold symbolism and change with intention. The naming of a child holds a special meaning that is often celebrated with name art. A birth is a unique time for a parent, in which it’s understood that they are gifted with a moment of prophecy by naming their child. At a Brit Mila or Simchat Bat, a unique way to bless the child is through creating a piece of art surrounding their name that they can carry with them as they grow.


Shop baby-naming prints below or create custom art here.

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