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13.5" x 10"



Hillel the Elder said in the Mishna section of the Talmud called, Pirkei Avot 1:4, (Chapters of the Fathers, "If I am not for myself, who is for me, and if I am only for myself, what am I, and if not now, when?"


The border is a commentary by Rabbi Yehudah Aryeh Leib Alter, also known as the Sefat Emet, 1847 – 1905. It is documented in him commentary on the Torah Parshat Achrei Mot in which he said as a discourse in 1876. In his comentary, he connects the saying from Hillel to the 3 dimentions of corpreal reality know to the mystics; time, space and soul. Meaning to say that the first line refers to an individuals self refinement, (soul), the second refers to his / her environment, (space), and the third, to time. His message is that for one to attain a level of wholeness, and happiness one must work on these three dimentions and this is the responsibility of mankind in order to attain completion.


This is a piece, with this Talmudic saying is perfect for inspitration to hang on the wall or makes a lovely and unique Bar / Bat Mitzvah gift.

Hillel: If I am not for Myself...

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