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“Three things delight the heart of a person: a beautiful home, a good friend and… fine art.”
- Talmud, Brachot 57B


Your Ketubah should feel unique to you, and at Ktavtam we can work with you to create a completely original work to embody the spirit of your marriage.

Click below to get started creating your custom Ketubah.

KtavTam Ketubot


Four things last from a wedding: your spouse, your in-laws, the photos…and your Ketubah. The Ketubah is often the sentimental object that’s beauty shines through the generations, sometimes even becoming a family heirloom. It can be the traditional religious document, an anniversary Ketubah, or even physical artwork for marriage vows. It represents your values as individuals and as a couple, expressed not only through the scriptural document but also through an inspired art form.

Explore the beautiful Ketubah prints for sale below or create your own custom Ketubah above.

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