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Custom Ketubot

“Three things delight the heart of a person: a beautiful home, a good friend and… fine art.”
- Talmud, Brachot 57B


­­Your Ketubah should feel unique to you, and here we can create a completely original work to embody the spirit of your marriage. Below are some examples of what people have designed to put their own meaning into this document. What is so special about custom Ketubot is that customization doesn’t end at the design, it can also be done using a countless variety of materials.


The Ketubah materials can alter the visual effect in incredible ways to bring your dream vision into reality. If you prefer a traditional beauty, we can use paper, parchment, or handmade/specialty paper. If you prefer to think outside of the box, we can use unconventional materials such as stained glass, wood engraving, leather, or even stone. The text itself can be done in traditional Torah script or modern Hebrew calligraphy, and can even be done in different languages or poetic versions. The medium with which the text is written will be fitted depending on the materials. Prices vary depending on the medium, materials, and intricacy of the work.


To get started, please fill out the following form and leave comments as specific as possible in order to fulfill your vision as best as I can. If you need more ideas, look around the sight or at the gallery below.

Ketubah Gallery

Foral Papers
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