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"And you shall bind them on your arm and it shall be a testimony between your eyes".

- Exodus 13:9, 16, Deut. 6:8, 11:18


In the Jewish tradition, Tefillin are considered a high priority value, a sanctified personal ritual object of esteem. Tefillin are likened to a compact, miniature Torah.

We at take the writing and production of Tefillin very seriously and view it as an honor and merit to partner with you in the process of creating your Teffilin.

Tefillin With an Experience!

It would be an honor and privilege for me to share my passion for Tefillin with you, your family, and your Bar Mitzvah boy. As a Torah scribe with 30 years of experience, I have learned that the encounter between myself, the Bar Mitzvah boy, and the family is an unforgettable, enriching experience.

In the process of making your Tefillin, I engage involvement in 2 sessions (in person or via skype) where I show all the materials and discuss some laws and traditions. In the first session, you are invited to appoint me to be your scribe and witness the beginning of the writing of your Tefillin. In the second session, once the scrolls are all complete and verified in perfection, we wrap and insert the scrolls in a special way and sew them in the batim, (compartments). Bar Mitzvahs boys become thrilled about their Tefillin by being a part of its making. Through Tefillin With an Experience, you do not merely attain Tefillin, you own it.


Jamie Shear


Celebrate a Bar Mitzvah with new Tefillin and a unique Tefillin education. Let’s embark on a journey together (in person or via skype), and explore what Tefillin are and what they mean. You will learn about the process of making Tefillin: writing, assembly and sewing. All materials are of the highest quality, and go through several stages of quality control. This is a true memorable experience for anyone, but super special for a Bar Mitzvah boy! Tefillin With an Experience has two options:

Option 1: In this program, we conduct 2 sessions. The first session will be the launch where we open the discussion of the world of Tefillin. I will answer questions, propose many more, show materials, and explain the process. At the end of this session, we ceremoniously begin to write the first pasuk of the first Parasha. The second session takes place after I complete and check the scrolls in relation to our scheduled dates. In this concluding session, I will show the scrolls, wrap them up, insert them into the batim and sew them up. For this option I take 50% up front and the remainder upon completion. The total cost of this would be $2400 USD + shipping, with a deposit of $1200.

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Option 2: Option 2 includes everything from option one, however, I outsource the scroll from another reputable scribe, and facilitate only the concluding educational session. The cost of this would be $1200 USD + shipping. For this option, since I purchase all of the materials and scrolls at the start, 100% is required upon placing an order.

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