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Kaballah Art

“To you, Oh Lord, is our greatness, might, splendor, harmony, beauty, majesty, and kingship...for all that is in heaven is on Earth.”
- Chronicles 1:29:11


Kabbalah art is full of meaning and beauty. Here we can create a piece of artwork that is both personally meaningful, personally designed and useful in meditation.

Click below to make your own custom Kabbalah art.

Kaballah Art/Sacred Art


One of the foundational ideas of Kaballah is that words and letters have more to them than meets the eye. They are not just characters on a page, they are the building blocks of the universe. Kaballah is the Jewish esoteric tradition that centers around the merge between the spiritual and material. Kaballah, which means “to receive” or “parallel”, teaches that through the 10 sefirot and the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet, God created and continues to create the world. Through the exploration of these letters and their underlying meaning, we can evoke a unification not only within ourselves, but also within the Supernal worlds. These ideas are useful for meditation, prayer, mindfulness, contemplation, and more.


Explore Kaballah art below.

Custom Kaballah Art


Kaballah and art go hand in hand. The purpose of art is to express ideas and meaning, to evoke emotion, and inspire others. Kaballah Art takes the depth of Kaballistic ideas and weaves them through a canvas to achieve just that. The art conveys the symbolism within the letters and words through things like color, number, shape, order, and disorder. This presents our mystical relationship with the Divine consciousness in a beautiful way and allows us to add another layer of inspiration to our rich Jewish tradition.


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