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Custom Art

'Abba Shaul says: 'imitate God: just as He is compassionate, you be compassionate, just as He is merciful, you be merciful..."

     - Talmud Shabbat 133:b  


­­Art is meaningful. Creating art is not only an expression of our higher selves, it is Divine nature to create. The Jewish Sages of Talmudic times taught that it is virtuous to imitate God’s qualities, “God is compassionate, therefore we should be compassionate.” The very first quality that the Torah describes of God is that He is a Creator. Therefore, we shall create.
Here, we have the opportunity to work together to design your own meaningful artwork. This artwork may celebrate a life-cycle occasion such as a wedding, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, or birth. You might wish to honor a milestone achievement like a graduation or promotion, or perhaps you wish to fill the need to cover an empty wall with an inspirational theme using scriptural sources. It would be an honor for me to work with you to design and create art that is either Gicle printed or an original using an array of materials and techniques.
The art prints are made using a combination of original art and calligraphy that has been quality scanned as well as digitally composed. The work is printed using the Gicle method that utilizes archival, museum-quality pigments, and fine-art paper. Printed works are less time-consuming to create, therefore, are less expensive than original work, however, quality is high and they come as signed artwork as well.

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