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"A house is built by wisdom, and is established by understanding;
By knowledge are its rooms filled, with all precious and beautiful things." 
- Proverbs 24:3-4


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Please contact Jamie Shear, scribe, artist, directly
with any questions or inquiries that you might have. 


E-mail is the best way to reach out:


Tel. +972-54-978-6233 (International)

Tel. 054-978-6233  (within Israel)

For over thirty years, Torah scribe, artist and educator, Jamie Shear, (Zalman Leib), has been making hand-written, Hebrew scrolls on parchment to the highest standards of Jewish law, tradition and aesthetics. He has completed 12 Torah scrolls for Synagogues in Canada, US, Israel and Hong Kong.

Jamie also fuses the ancient craft of the quill with a unique perspective to create art that adorns, signifies and commemorates. He adds beauty

to classic texts like the Ketubah, illuminating them using  an array of mediums and artistic techniques. Jamie's specialty in the letter arts is

that of micrography, the art of creating elaborate designs using the quill to form letters. When Jamie is not creating, he is teaching about his craft and shares the Torah ideas that inspire the making of his art to people of all walks of life and age groups in a variety of venues including a visit to his studio gallery at the Jerusalem House of Quality artisan complex on Hebron Road 12, Jerusalem.


Originally from Montreal, Canada, since 2005, Jamie has been living in Jerusalem with his family.

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