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From my Rabbi of blessed memory!

Monday, November 23, 2009


This is to affirm that I have the honour to know Mr. Zalman Leib (Jamie) Shear for many years and I wish to attest that Mr. Shear is a genuinely G-d fearing person who is an excellent Sofer (Scribe) whose work exhibits Halachic exactitude, precision and great beauty. He has written an excellent and beautiful Sefer Torah for my congregation, Noam Jewish Center of Montreal and it is truly a masterpiece. Mr. Shear is an expert of the laws of Torah Scrolls, Tefillin, and Mezuzot and all that pertains thereto. He is totally honest and reliable in all his undertakings, as well as being highly courteous, pleasant, and dignified. He may be completely relied upon in all that pertains to the field of Safrut.  

Rabbi Joshua Shmidman

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