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From Rav Chaim Tabasky!

 March 22, 2009 • 26 Adar, 5769

To Whom it may Concern,

I have known the sofer Jamie Shear, first as a student and later as a colleague and friend for close to twenty years. I have observed his progress and examined two of his Sifrei Torah in entirety.

Jamie is a fine sofer, I have known him to always deal honestly and with high professional standards. He has excellent working knowledge of halacha, and is a gifted artist and scribe.

I am sure he will fulfill any task he undertakes with honesty and professionalism.


B'yedidut, Chaim Tabasky

Instructor of Talmud, Machon HaGavoah l'Torah, Bar Ilan University
Authorized examiner of STa"M

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