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Illuminated Megillat Esther of Renaissance Italy

Updated: Apr 27, 2021


Last week, I had the very special opportunity of attending a personal guided showing at the National Library of Israel of a Renaissance-Italy, illuminated scroll.

Timna Elper, head of the Conservation Department of the National Library of Israel spent quality time showing me the most beautiful and most pride possession of the Library: a Megillat Esther from Ferrara, Italy dating from 1616.

Alexander Gordin, on staff of the Rare Books Department brought the Megillah to the restoration laboratory in a special trolley for viewing.


Alexander Gordin (l), Jamie Shear (m), Timna Elper (r) NLI – Jerusalem – (Montreal)


Megillah inscription


Megillah Case

The Megillah is inscribed at the beginning with a statement of ownership from the individual, who commissioned the Megillah: Mordechai, son of Eliahu HaLevy from