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11.5" x 15"

Giclee Art Print


This is known as the Priestly Blessing or Birkat Cohanim, ברכת כהנים. The words of the Blessing that Ahron, the brother of Moses, the very first High Priest was commanded to say while blessing the people. The words from the Book of  Numbers 6: 24 - 26 are written in the hand- formation that the Cohanim make while they bless the congregation. The words are:  “May The Lord bless you and guard you. May The Lord shine His face upon you and give you grace. May The Lord lift His face towards you and bring you peace.”

The entire blessing comprises 3 verses, where each verse is another blessing. When recited in the ceremonious blessing, the congregation responds “Amen” three times. The entire blessing, including the three verses, (three blessings) are written in each hand three times. This makes for a total of eighteen blessings for the two hands. The number eighteen is the same numerical equivalent as the Hebrew word Chai, life.



Priestly Blessing, (Cohanim)

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