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Giclé Print  
16.5" x 24"


The Ketubah design was created during the almond blossom in Israel. The Almond blossom in Israel is a spectacular site and quite an inspirational time of year. The Almond tree is the first fruit tree to blossom in Israel and it is a sign that spring is near and Tu B’shevat, the Holiday of the Trees is approaching.

A staff made from Almond wood is mentioned in The Book of Numbers with Aaron the Priest and in Jeremiah. In both sources, the almond wood staff represents true testament. In Jeremiah 1:12, the Hebrew word for Almond, “Shaked” is used as a conjugated verb, God assures Jeramiah the Prophet, “for I am faithful to My word to perform it.”


Just as the almond symbolized the testimony of the Divine towards mankind, so too, this beautiful Ketubah may serve to symbolize the testimony of faith and true commitment required in marriage.


• This Ketubah is a limited edition Giclé art print made and printed in Jerusalem by Jamie Shear.

• The original is also available. The size of the Original is 22” x 30” and the cost of the Original is $3600.


Almond Blossom Ketubah

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