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Adnut / Havaya

7” x  16.5”


This is a combination of 2 Divine Names according to the Hebrew tradition. The Kabbalists of the 16th century Tzfat, Israel would use Divine names in their practical meditation. Their goals were to affect "unifications,” or in Hebrew, "Yichudim” by serene intention to unify the roots of all cause prior to their diversification relating to events in the physical world.


The Divine Name, Adnut, (A-D-N-Y), relates to the channeling and manifestation of all-powering, all-sovereign aspects of The Divine. The Name, Havaya, (Y-H-V-H), is the ineffable Tetragrammaton. This unpronounced Name relates to the omniscience and omnipresence of The Divine. This Noun is based on the Hebrew infinitive, l’hiot, “to be.” The Tetragrammaton, also referred to as “Hashem,” “The Name, or “Havaya,” “experience of being” is a composed of the Hebrew conjugates: “haya,” “hoveh” and “yihieh,” “was,” “is: and “will be.”


The combination of these 2 Divine Names does not comprise a Name in itself. It does not have any grammatical meaning and it is void of pronunciation. It is a visual for meditation meant to invoke emotions of humility and awe together with experience of pristine clarity of being.


This is a numbered and signed giclé print

Adnut / Havaya

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