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70 Names of Jerusalem

7" x 23.5"


A term of endearment is an expression of love and affection. The more terms of endearment one refers to another, the greater expression of that love and affection. Throughout the Tanach, (Bible), there are more than 100 terms of endearment referring to the beloved city of Jerusalem. The number 7 is known from the Talmud and Sefer Yetzira as the number of Divine sentiment and when multiplied by 10. connotes all the more strong bond of closeness.


The Midrash in Bamidbar Rabbah 14:12 says that just as the Nation of Israel began with 70 souls, and there are 70 nations, 70 languages, 70 Divine names, there are also 70 names of endearment referring to Jerusalem.


Each of these 70 Biblical references to Jerusalem are written in the center of this artwork on its own line with Jerusalem as its title.


This is a numbered and signed giclé print.

70 Names of Jerusalem

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