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NFT Art 

 "If a man enters a hiding place, Do I not see him? says the Lord.
For I fill the heavens and earth declares the Lord." 

– Jeremiah, 23:24

NFT Art 

As a scribe of ancient texts living in the modern world, I aspire to explore new territory and bring the holy scriptures along on such a journey. NTF Jewish art is state-of-the-art technology where the oldest converges with the newest. NFT, or Non-Fungible Token, is a digital piece of art that’s traceable presence on the internet is owned by the buyer or commissioner as a one of a kind. I am ecstatic to announce a joint venture with my son, Yona Shemesh who's know-how in this brand new medium and entrepreneurial zest will bring my art to far reaches of the cyber space.  


This exciting new development could be the perfect way to make and mint Jewish, Hebrew scriptural NFT art that is unique and one of a kind for you. You may see and purchase my artwork as minted NFTs here: KtavTam NFT Art.

KtavTam Hebrew Art Pritns

Uncover a world of Jewish art prints to brighten up your home décor

Jewish art prints from the long-running. Art décor frames don’t just bring a smile to your face. They help provide scholarships for at-risk youths in the Mideast, while also providing dignity and hope for many around the globe.⁣⁣

Check out what you can discover in our online catalog

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