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My name is Jamie Shear and I am glad to launch this brand new website that features my work as a Torah scribe and Judaic artist. I began my studies to be a scribe over 30 years ago and I have recently completed my 12th Sefer Torah. Since I began my career as a scribe, I was eager to learn and explore various art techniques with which I could use to decorate the texts such as the Ketubah, an illustrated marriage contact, (wedding vow), and other life-cycle certificates like baby naming and scriptural art. Also, since the very beginning, It was essential for me to offset the very long and solitary hours at work with people to people time and I did this through teaching about the ancient craft of the Hebrew Scribal arts, and so a branch of my career has been informal Jewish Education, where I provide an experience surrounding the making of holy scrolls whether it be a Torah, Tefillin or custom creating art. Working with people who have a thirst for meaningful art and the teachings behind these traditions enriches my own fascination in the subject and hence, with each project, I strive to lean something new.


Feel free to explore my online shop, and if you find something of interest for yourself or perhaps for someone else as a memorable gift, you may place an order directly from this site. Also feel free to inquire about commissioning custom made art for any occasion. You may or contact me, the artist / scribe directly for any questions. I try to answer as soon as I possibly can. Thank you very much,

Jamie Shear


“The memory of seeing the completed Torah for the first time, and the moving and meaningful dedication celebrations will be with me and my family forever.” 

‮—  ‬Asya Berger‭, ‬Temple Emanu-El ‭"‬Lea's Torah Project‭"‬

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Jamie Shear featured in an interview in his shop in the Cardo of the Old City of Jerusalem. Interview by Leah Morali of i24 News. Aired March 13, 2020. 
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