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Shalom and welcome to my e-commerce website. My name is Jamie Shear, my Jewish name is Zalman Leib. I am celebrating 25 years of practice as a scribe, artist and educator. I am also celebrating 10 years since I moved to Jerusalem, Israel. I am happy to say that my quill is becoming lighter and new work is developing. My passion for writing and learning about the majestic Hebrew letters is growing. I am always seeking a challenging project to expand borders to new material, technique and understanding. Please check out my work, shop, feel free to send me a message and stay tuned for new updates.

Jamie Shear


Wake The Dawn 4 Pronged Shin Adnut / Havaya
Business Blessing Ketubah
Special Packages
Tefillin With an Experience

•   Tefillin With an Experience grants you and / or the Bar Mitzvah boy the opportunity to be involved in making your Tefillin and learning about them every step of the way.

•   Let’s embark on a journey together (in person or via skype), and explore what Tefillin are and what they mean.

•   This is a true memorable experience for anyone, and super special for a Bar Mitzvah boy! 


•   Place an order online or send me an e-mail: jshear@ktavtam.com

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