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These Tefillin attained the status of "mehudar meod," by a Torah Tefillin and Mezuzah (STaM) insttitue in Jerusalem. This means that objectivly they are considered to be halachically and esthetically beautiful!.


All Tefillin scrolls are checked by a this third party institute by both a manuel, professional scroll verifier and via digital software.


The batim (black, leather housings) are "gassot" which mean that they are one piece of thick leather which are the most durable and last a lifetime.


Tefillin come with a bag. 


Sofer: Jamie Shear is looking forward to the opportunity to work with you and or the Bar Mitzvah boy with the writing, assembly and sewing of your new Tefillin.


You have the option of paying in 1 or 2 installments. Click below to reserve your personal scribe and order your brand new Tefillin.

Tefillin (Shein שיין)

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