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אומנות יהודית בת/בר מצווה בהתאמה אישית

"חנך ילד על פי דרכם כי ישמרו בה גם בשנים שלאחר מכן."

– משלי, כב:ו


להזמין יצירת אומנות בהתאמה אישית לילד בר מצווה או לילדת בת מצווה היא דרך מושלמת לכבד את התבגרותם ותהיה מוקיר לכל החיים. היצירות היפות הללו כוללות עיצובים מודרניים ונושאים קלאסיים של שילוב ערכים יהודיים.
לחץ למטה כדי להתחיל.

A Bar/Bat Mitzvah is a turning point in a young person’s life. Transitioning to Jewish adulthood, they begin the process of becoming independent decision-makers with a vision of their own. At KtavTam, we make sure that any commission for a Bar or Bat Mitzvah is crafted while encouraging the young adult to participate in the creative process of designing their very own work of art. This could mean anything from name art to a full Parsha scripture, to a meaningful verse/section from their Parsha, or even art based on an idea in their Parsha. No matter their choice, the young adult will be able to celebrate their Bar/Bat Mitzvah by allowing their personalities to show through on paper, parchment, or whatever medium they choose. Through a discussion on the phone or on Zoom where we discuss their interests, hobbies, values, and aesthetics such as color preferences, we incorporate all this into a meaningful work of art that they will have for a lifetime, marking their rite of passage into adulthood. You may see the samples of Bar / Bat Mitzvah Custom Jewish Art in gallery below to get some ideas or feel free to contact directly Jamie Shear, the scribe, artist for more information. To get started, please fill the following form:

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