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The Menorah Psalm

16" x 16"


Psalm 67 is known as The Menorah Psalm. After the title, which comprise of 4 beautiful Hebrew synonyms for "song," there are 7 verses and 49 words. The mystics understood this to resemble the 7 branched Temple Menorah that was meant to illuminate spiritual light outward. The content of this Psalm is very much about bestowing Divine blessings to the world while all people of all nations shall be in awe of God. 


Bordering the Menorah is the entire Psalm 122, which describes Jerusalem as a united and enlightened city of peace and justice and pleasant for all nations of the world.


Above the Menorah is the famous "Shaviti" verse from Psalms 16:8, "I will place the Name of The Lord before me always."


This is a limited edition, numbered and signed Gicle print.

The Menorah Psalm

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