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Celebrate a Bar Mitzvah with new Tefillin and a unique Tefillin education. Let’s embark on a journey together (in person or via Zoom), and explore what Tefillin are and what they mean. You will learn about the process of making Tefillin: writing, assembly and sewing. This is a true memorable experience for anyone, but super special for a Bar Mitzvah boy!

You will be provided with:

  • A complete set of Tefillin that will have passed a verification by another professional Tefillin scroll examiner as well as a computer verification.

  • Excellent quality Batim, (Gassot), made by reputable batim makers here in Jerusalem.

  • Excellent quality, (hand-made) Tefillin straps.

  • A Tefillin bag.


For more information, please e-mail Sofer Jamie Shear directly:

Tefillin With an Experience (deposit)

  • In this program, we conduct 2 sessions. The first session will be the launch where we open the discussion of the world of Tefillin. I will answer questions, propose many more, show materials, and explain the process. At the end of this session, we ceremoniously begin to write the first pasuk of the first Parasha. The second session takes place after I complete and check the scrolls in relation to our scheduled dates. In this concluding session, I will show the scrolls, wrap them up, insert them into the batim and sew them up. For this option I take 50% up front and the remainder upon completion.

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