'Abba Shaul says: 'imitate God: just as He is compassionate, you be compassionate, just as He is merciful, you be merciful..."

     - Talmud Shabbat 133:b  


In addition to the quality products that KtavTam displays throughout the site, there are a wide variety of other works that can be commissioned for any occasion. The following is a list of ideas for custom works. 
Please let us know if you have any other ideas or events and we will be happy to research, conceptualize, and fulfill your request.

Text can be scripted in Hebrew and English (translation and/or transliteration) on a variety of media: Parchment, paper and Floral Paper. Artwork can be designed with assorted materials- gouache, watercolor, gold leaf and metallic paints – in a variety of colors. Text is written with a turkey-feather quill.

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