Tefillin With an Experience!


It would be an honor and privaledge for me to share my passion of Tefillin with you, your family and your Bar Mitzvah boy. As a Torah scribe with 25 years of experience, I have learned that the encounter between myself, the Bar Mitzvah boy and the family is unforgetable, enriching experience.


In the process of making your Tefillin, I engage involvement in 2 sessions (in person or via skype) where I show all the materials, discuss some laws and traditions. In the first seesion, you are invited to appoint me to be your scribe and witness the beginning of the writing of your Tefillin. In the second session, once the scrolls are all complete and verified in perfection, we wrap and insert the scrolls in a special way and sew them in the batim, (compartments). Bar Mitzvahs boys become thrilled about their Tefillin by being a part of its making. Through Tefillin With an Experience, you do not merely attain Tefillin, you own it.

Jamie Shear





•   Celebrate a Bar Mitzvah with new Tefillin and a unique Tefillin education.

•   Let’s embark on a journey together (in person or via skype), and explore what Tefillin are and what they mean.

•   You will learn about the process of making Tefillin: writing, assembly and sewing.

•   This is a true memorable experience for anyone, but super special for a Bar Mitzvah boy!

•   Group Specials!


•   Price: $1800

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