Hebrew Calligraphy Course



Hebrew Calligraphy is simply an art and science. It is a fusion of classic and romantic art forms, a synthesis of authenticity and tradition with contemporary and modern. Whether one writes ritual scrolls or not, Hebrew Calligraphy is Jewish practice.


In this course, you will learn how to cut a quill and use it to form the letters that you intend. Ashkenaz Torah script will be the learning focus while various historical scripts will be studied. From Turkey feathers to bamboo reeds, from parchment to paper, from black ink to gold leaf, this course will cover the core of this ancient practice through a contemporary Jewish perspective.


In this course, you will learn the foundations of the work of a scribe in theory, technique and application. Whether you intend to write your own Torah scroll, enter the lucrative market of Judaic art or acquire a new hobby, the skills learned in this Hebrew Calligraphy course will enhance your understanding of art composition, fontography and graphic arts.


This is a 12 session course, 2 hours per week lasting for 3 months. This course will take place in Baka.

Cost: 3800 NIS

Materials: 400 NIS 


Exact times will be determined based on Student availability.


This course is given by Jamie Shear



To register, please contact:


Jamie Shear